Value chain


Valur Norðri Gunnlaugsson

Research Group Leader

Diverse research is conducted by the staff of the value chain group, which generally aims to strengthen the diversity, sustainability, competitiveness and market position of Icelandic food. Most projects are carried out in close collaboration with industry, both in agriculture and fisheries.

Research within the group aims, among other things, to promote value and innovation in fisheries and agriculture, increase raw material and product quality, improve product stability in processing, storage and transport, minimize the footprint and environmental impact of food production and improve information provision within all value chains. . Emphasis is also placed on technological development in food production in order to meet the producer's needs and consumers' demands for diverse, healthy, environmentally friendly and safe products.

The expert group is involved in the development of processing equipment and new processing technology, which results in, among other things, increased automation, efficiency and value creation from underutilized raw materials. Such projects also involve the acquisition of knowledge in line with changing market conditions, raw material properties to ensure a stable supply.