Sæmundur Sveinsson

Research Group Leader

Practical gengetic analyses for the fishing industry, aquaculture, agriculture and origin analyses of food

A professional group in genetics uses genetic analysis in practical research in fisheries, aquaculture, agriculture and in food origin analysis. Analyzes are used for stock analysis of marine resources, analysis of wild salmon stocks, analysis of farmed salmon and for breeding in livestock with genetic markers. Furthermore, we regularly carry out origin and species analyzes of meat and fish in food. The expert group uses traditional methods in DNA sequencing (Sanger) as well as new and more efficient next-generation sequencing technology, as well as analysis of variability in individual base pairs (SNPs). Special emphasis is placed on supporting the sustainable utilization of commercial stocks, promoting sustainable aquaculture and the conservation of Icelandic livestock stocks through targeted breeding.

Examples of projects that are underway with a professional group in genetics: