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Viggó Marteinsson

Research Group Leader

Range: Microorganisms

Phone: +354 4225135/8585135


Focus Areas:

Genetics, Biotechnology, Food Poisoning, Monitoring, Microbiology

Bibliography / Publications


Marteinsson, V., Klonowski, A., Reynisson, E., Vannier, P., Sigurdsson, BD and Ólafsson, M. 2015. Microbial colonization in diverse surface soil types in Surtsey and diversity analysis of its subsurface microbiota. Biogeosciences. 12, 1191-1203.   Article

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BOOKARKAFLAR / Book Chapters

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Participation in conferences

Gaidos, E .; Thorsteinsson, Th .; Wade, N .; Marteinsson, V .; Stefansson, A. Exploring Icelandic Subglacial Volcanoes as Analogs to Habitats on Mars. Presentation: 42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, held March 7–11, 2011 at The Woodlands, Texas. LPI Contribution No. 1608, p. 1446 

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E. Reynisson, HL Lauzon, H. Magnússon, G.Ó. Hreggvidsson, VT Marteinsson. 2008. Rapid quantification of the specific spoilage organism Pseudomonas spp in fish using real-time PCR. Poster at Cold Chain Management Conference, 3 rd International Workshop in Bonn, 2-3. June 2008