Protein enrichment by side currents using tribo-electrostatic separation technology

Project title: TriboTec

Partners: DIL, Pro lupine, Napiferyn Viotech, Munich University of Technology (TUM)

Research Fund: EIT Food

Initial year: 2020

Service Category:



Birgir Örn Smárason

Research Group Leader

TriboTec: An environmentally friendly process that uses little energy. 

This innovative process, tribo-electrostatic separation, is not yet used in the food and feed sector. The goal is to implement this technology with the help of belt separators from our partners ST Equipment & Technology for food and feed and separate selected ingredients into fractions rich in protein, carbohydrates and fiber. 

The focus is on protein enrichment of side streams from lupine, rapeseed and sunflower oil. 

The fractions produced by the TriboTec process are compared with conventional raw materials such as soy protein. Protein fragments will be used in salmon feeding studies to examine digestibility, growth potential and well-being, among other things. Finally, protein activity is evaluated along with technical, ecological and economic evaluation of the technology to market it and related products after the project is completed.

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