Research space


Natasa Desnica

Research Group Leader

Matís laboratory space

Laboratory space where various minor experiments can be performed. There are 4 workbenches that are 5 meters long and there are two absorption cabinets in the space. 

The equipment in the facility includes the following:    

  • Cooler    
  • Temperature cabinet that can be adjusted in temperature from 60 -200 ° C    
  • Hot tub    
  • Microscope    
  • Libra     
  • Photometer    

It is possible to negotiate access to smaller research equipment such as pH meters, distillation equipment, etc. located elsewhere in Matís laboratories at Vínlandsleið 12 or receive assistance with measurements if it is not possible to allow the use of the equipment for any reason.

Matís laboratory space, Vínlandsleið 14