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Valur Norðri Gunnlaugsson

Research Group Leader

Margildi and Matís, together with foreign partners, are currently working on a short-term collaborative project where market conditions for Margildi's fish oil in Asia are being investigated with the help of the AVS Fund. The aim of the project is to study and work on a market for Margildi's products in Asia, and the Vietnam market will be used as an experimental market where the fish oil will be marketed by a health chain in that country. Consumer requirements, traditions and regulations will be mapped, as well as the willingness to pay will be assessed by local parties. 

Margildi is a start-up company that has developed a new and unique processing method, so-called rapid cold cleaning, which makes it possible to fully clean fish oil for human consumption from the pelagic species capelin, herring and mackerel. Margildi's products already ( was presented to a focus group in the city of Nha Trang and the response was positive and useful information was obtained that will be useful in ongoing marketing work. There is some tradition of consuming omega-3 products in Vietnam, but so far the consumption has mostly been in the form of capsules. The Vietnamese have been pleasantly surprised by how tasty the fish oil from Margildur is and it has been well received by those who have tried to consume it for a certain period of time.

Representatives of Margildi and Matís will next month visit potential partners in Vietnam to work on further marketing issues, but parties from China have also shown great interest in the company's products.

Further information about the project can be obtained from Snorri Hreggviðsson at Margildur and Valur N. Gunnlaugsson at Matís.