The EcoFishMan project is once again attracting attention

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The EcoFishMan European Union project, led by Matís, will be on "Seas the Future” conference in the Faroe Islands on June 7 and 8.

The purpose of "Seas the Future" is to promote continued work, through Nordic cooperation, and thus promote joint actions and regional coordination for sustainable development, both between the Nordic countries and their neighbors in the adjacent areas of the North Atlantic, the Arctic and in the European Union.

As has been stated in Matís news and websites, the European Union expects the EcoFishMan project to develop a new methodology that will be useful for changes and improvements to its fisheries management system. Emphasis is placed on co-operation with fishermen, fishing and processing and on the utilization of information from electronic catch diaries. The aim of the project is to promote environmentally friendly, sustainable and economic management with a special emphasis on traceability and to minimize discards.

That EcoFishMan The project involves a total of 13 institutions, companies and universities in eight European countries, including the University of Iceland and the University of Tromsø in Norway. The project is expected to cost 3.7 million euros over three years and the EU's grant is 3.0 million euros.