Freezing and thawing - important for the quality of seafood

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Once again, Matís sends out educational material to strengthen the Icelandic fishing industry. This time it's a summary freezing and thawing of seafood.

Frozen products have been extremely important since the freezing of marine products began in Iceland in the years 1930-1940. In each settlement at least one cold store was built all around the country and it was no longer necessary to rely solely on salting, drying or shipping with raw materials. The freezing offered new opportunities and new markets, now it was possible to sell valuable seasonal products all year round all over the world.

Anyone who works with frozen products needs to know the whole chain from fishing to consumerism. This book goes well through this chain and shakes up all the major things that matter.

Freezing and thawing - Diverse and useful information on freezing and thawing seafood

Páll Gunnar Pálsson, food scientist, worked on the text and set up the handbook, Margeir Gissurarson, food scientist and Sigurjón Arason, chief engineer, were involved in planning the material, read all the material and shared their knowledge and experience.

The preparation of this handbook was funded by Matís with good support from the Herring Industry Research Fund.

At Matís, you can get a lot of information about most everything related to seafood and all the company's employees are invited and prepared to do better in cooperation with the Icelandic seafood industry.   

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