A guest scientist gave a lecture this morning on salted fish research

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Dr. Kristin Lauritzen, an expert at Fiskeriforskning in Tromsø, Norway, gave a lecture this morning on research into changes that occur in dried salted fish during storage and transport.

Kristin Lauritzen, who as mentioned earlier works for Fisheries research in Norway, is in this country as a "guest scientist" at IFL for a month. Her visit is mainly related to research on the effects of salted fish, but her doctoral dissertation focused on research on salted fish. It is worth mentioning that Kristín works in part on a large project that is being worked on at IFL and is called Process control for fishing, processing and processing of salted fish.

Norwegians, however, produce some salted fish, especially dried fish (Norwegian clipfish), and their most important markets are mainly in Brazil, the Dominican Republic and the islands by the Caribbean Sea. 15-20% of the value of exported seafood from here.The most important Icelandic markets are in Southern Europe.

About 30 people listened to Lauritzen's lecture this morning, mainly IFL staff, but there were also people from salted fish processing in this country.   

Slides from the lecture