Matís fish farming team's visit to Stolt Sea farm

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Matís' fish farming team visited Stolt Sea Farm in April and we thank you for the warm welcome. The majority of Icelanders are probably not well informed about this cool company located at the far end of Reykjanes.

It is an international company, with headquarters in Spain, which produces sand isomer (turbot) and Senegal sole, but last year the company's production was about 6,900 tons of sand isomer and 1,700 tons of Senegal sole. Stolt is proud to have production in 16 locations worldwide, but here in Iceland only Senegal flour is produced and last year's production was around 250 tons. The flounder is a warm-water fish, and the company uses cooling water from HS Orku's power plant, which is located next to the fish farm, to keep the fish at an ideal temperature of around 23°C.

Stolt plans to increase production in the coming years. That increase will probably not take place in this country, but the company has been expanding its infrastructure in Spain and Portugal in recent seasons. As you can see in the graph below, the company has a goal of tripling its production in the next 10 years.

As for the production of Senegal flour, Stolt aims to increase its production from 1,700 tons to 4,700 tons by 2028, as can be seen in the picture below.

Solt Sea Farm is a progressive company that invested 10.7% of its income in Research and Development, which is a ratio that we at Matís appreciate. Matís wishes this cool company good luck in the coming years and expects that the cooperation between the companies will grow and prosper.