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Fishermen's Day 2012 has begun, but the day was initially established to strengthen solidarity among fishermen, both to rejoice and to remember dead fishermen. The aim of the day is also to introduce the nation to the significance of the profession's work for the benefit of society.

Food production is one of the most important industries in Iceland. The role of the fishing industry and fish processing is the most important. The same basic principle applies in all sectors of food production, that is, the quality of the products depends on the quality of the raw material from which they are processed. Fishermen and others involved in the fishing industry know how important good fish handling is.

The first steps are especially important when ensuring the maximum quality of fish catches. This ensures that consumers get the best possible product and at the same time it is usually ensured that the value added is the greatest.

Cooling - why?
Cooling slows down the activity of pests, prolongs the time the fish is dying and thus reduces the release in the fish flesh, increases blood flow from the capillaries after bleeding and makes the flesh whiter. Last but not least, cooling reduces shrinkage.

Matís has worked with fishermen for a long time to promote the right maneuvers when handling valuables from the sea and is well acquainted with the high-quality work methods that are widely practiced in that area. Therefore, it is to no one's advantage, least of all the fishermen, when pictures of catches in unacceptable conditions are drawn, as was done in Íslandsbanki's congratulations to the fishermen in the media yesterday.

Fishermen: Let's join hands and ensure maximum value creation with good handling of catch.

Proper handling of catches is important for everyone to ensure the maximum quality and maximum value of the catch
It would have been necessary to freeze the fish seen here to ensure that the valuables are handled as well as possible. Good cooling slows down microbial growth and prolongs the time a fish is frozen to death. It is therefore important to bring the temperature of the fish meat down to approx. 0 ° C in the shortest possible time and then maintain an unbroken cooling chain all the way to the consumer.

For more information Sveinn Margeirsson and Jónas R. Viðarsson at Matís.

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