Matís participates in the exhibition Matur-inn in Akureyri

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The exhibition FOOD-IN 2011 in the Sports Hall in Akureyri is this coming weekend. Thousands of visitors are expected to the exhibition - a sales exhibition with over forty participants - professional and player competitions in cooking - free admission!

The exhibition FOOD-IN will be held in Akureyri for the fifth time this coming weekend. The exhibition has been held every two years and was last held in 2009. The number of visitors was 12-14 thousand and another one is expected this year. There are more booths than at the last show and the exhibition area is even bigger. As before, admission is free and it is emphasized that this is a sales exhibition, so it is possible to make a good purchase from exhibitors. Eiríkur Björn Björgvinsson, Mayor of Akureyri, will formally open the exhibition, which will be open at 11-17 on Saturday and Sunday.

Great variety
It is safe to say that MATUR-INN 2011 is a highlight in Nordic food culture. The exhibition is held by the company Mat úr Eyjafjörður in good collaboration with Þingeyska matarbúrið and Matarkistuna Skagafjörður. Behind these companies are food producers large and small, restaurants, tourism companies, shops and service companies - all parties that have in common that food is involved in their work. About forty people will take part in the exhibition FOOD-IN 2011 and there will be a great variety. 

Fun cooking competitions and autumn market
There will be a competition in cooking in the kitchen area of the exhibition. For example, nationally known individuals will compete in salmon dishes, chefs will compete for the best mackerel dish, bakers will compete in desserts and finally restaurants will compete in flatbread making.

The exhibition will feature exhibition stands for companies and food culture associations, a marketplace where, for example, it will be possible to buy fresh autumn crops and jams of various kinds.

In parallel with the exhibition, there will be a furniture exhibition in the lobby of the Sports Hall, and on Saturday a giant barbecue will be lit outside, where a 24-hour barbecue of beef carcass will begin. It will then be ready on Sunday and will give guests the opportunity to taste the military names.

On Sunday, the company's entrepreneur award Matar from Eyjafjörður will also be presented, but they have been a regular part of the company's exhibitions so far.

On the occasion of the exhibition, eight restaurants in Akureyri will have a special menu this week, where they will each export local ingredients in their own way. It can be said that food and food adventures will be the theme of Eyjafjörður and Norðurland all this week and will culminate this weekend.


Saturday, October 1
at 11 - The exhibition opens
at 11:30 - Eiríkur Björn Björgvinsson, Mayor of Akureyri, formally opens the exhibition
at 13-14 - Chefs compete for the best mackerel dish
at 15 - Well-known individuals compete in salmon cooking
at 17 - The exhibition closes

Sunday, October 2
11 am - The exhibition opens
at 13 - Bakers compete in dessert making
at 14 - The flatbread competition of the restaurants
at 15 - Auction of merchandise from exhibitors - proceeds go to the Heroes - a family of chronically ill children in the North
at 15:30 - The Entrepreneurship Award of the company Matar úr héraði awarded.
at 17 - The exhibition closesParticipants in FOOD-IN 2011
In booths: 

  • Bautinn, Akureyri
  • Directly from the farm - producers
  • Bread making ISK Jónsson, Akureyri
  • Darri - Eyjabiti, Grenivík
  • Ektafiskur, Hauganesi
  • Greifinn, Akureyri
  • The new coffee roaster, Akureyri
  • Kexsmiðjan Akureyri
  • Kjarnafæði, Akureyri
  • Kung Fu, Akureyri
  • Laufabrauðssetrið, Akureyri
  • Lostæti, Akureyri
  • Matarkistan Skagafjjörður, producers and companies in Skagafjörður
  • Matís, Akureyri
  • MS Akureyri
  • Norðlenska, Akureyri
  • Purity Herbs, Akureyri
  • Strikið, Akureyri
  • Urtasmiðjan, Svalbarðsströnd
  • The Þingeyjar dining table, producers and companies in Þingeyjarsýsla

In the wine promotion area:

  • Brugghúsið Gæðingur, Skagafjörður
  • Bruggsmiðjan, Árskógssandur

In the marketplace:

  • Júlíus Júlíusson, Dalvík
  • Ósk Sigríður Jónsdóttir, Svarfaðardalur
  • Reykir II, Fnjóskadalur
  • Holt og heiðar ehf., Hallormsstaður

 Furniture exhibition in the lobby:

  • The Puff pastry Center
  • Mimosa

Further information is provided by Jóhann Ólafur s. 899-9865