Experts from Matís assist TV viewers with meat and vegetables

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Experts from Matís give good advice on meat and vegetables on the television station ÍNN. This is a cooking show where Icelandic agricultural products are paramount.

Farmers have joined forces with the country's best-known chefs in the making of cooking shows that have been named "Eldum íslenskt". In the episodes, the main emphasis will be on Icelandic ingredients from the countryside and Ramm Icelandic cooking methods. It is the master chef Bjarni G. Kristinsson, head chef at Hótel Saga, who manages the shows, but they are done in close collaboration with ÍNN, the Farmers' Association, Matís and most agricultural associations. The episodes will be a mix of education and cooking and will refer to both traditions and modern methods. Among the chefs involved are Gunnar Karl at Dilli and Hrefna Sætran at the Fish Market as well as experienced people from the Hotel and Restaurant School. In addition, experts from Matís come to the show and inform TV viewers about meat and vegetables, for example how to debone meat. vegetables. The aim is to discuss traditional Icelandic home cooking and demonstrate the unequivocal quality of Icelandic agricultural production.

The episodes will be shown weekly this summer and autumn on the television station ÍNN as well as, in addition to appearing on the websites of the agricultural associations as time goes on. The sponsors of the shows are the Chicken Farmers' Association, the Horticultural Farmers' Association, the Horse Farmers' Association, the National Association of Sheep Farmers, the National Association of Cow Farmers, the Icelandic Pig Breeding Association, the Tourism Farmers' Association, Beint frá býli, Hótel Saga and the Farmers' Association.

Óli Þór Hilmarsson and Valur Norðri Gunnlaugsson are Matís' experts in the shows.