The Fisheries Library is changing

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It is now empty to look at the library which is housed in the Fisheries House. Major changes have taken place there since the middle of last year, and at present most of the museum's publications are packed in boxes.

One of the best kept secrets in the Fisheries House, Skúlagata 4, is The Fisheries Library which is housed on the third floor. The museum is the property of the Marine Research Institute and IFL and is a specialist museum in the field of oceanography and fisheries as well as food science, with a special emphasis on fish. Many researchers and students have taken advantage of the museum in recent years and the museum is also open to the public, although books are not available for loan.

The changes include the fact that part of the museum's premises were taken over for operations United Nations University School of Fisheries, which has been operated at Sjávarútvegshúsið since the school's establishment in 1998. The number of students at the school has increased steadily since its establishment and it was therefore considered necessary to add the facilities that the school's students have had at their disposal.

According to Eiríkur Einarsson, a librarian, it is time consuming to pack an entire library together and put it back together, but the aim is for the library's work to return to normal at the beginning of March next year.