Liberia's Minister of Fisheries visits Matís

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Dr. Liberia's Minister of Fisheries Chris Toe visited Matís (Icelandic Food Research) on his trip to Iceland. Matís staff introduced the Minister to the company's operations and laboratories on Skúlagata. The Minister was also briefed on Prokaria's biotechnology research, which is part of Matís.

Toe also talked to Einar K. Guðfinnsson, Minister of Fisheries, visited the Marine Research Institute and learned about the United Nations Fisheries School, which is located at Skúlagata. Furthermore, Toe and his entourage will visit many other companies in this country.

Franklín Georgsson, director of Matís' Food Safety, talks to the delegation from Liberia.

PHOTO: Chris Toe, far left, listens to Franklin's director Franklín Georgsson.

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