Nordic House Environment Festival - Make homes greener!

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The weekend 7.-8. April, a varied environmental program will be offered at the Nordic House for guests of all ages. The goal is to present simple and fun solutions that promote environmentally friendly and greener homes.

Workshops, lectures, seminars, presentations, design exhibitions and documentaries will be offered, among other things. The events have in common to present ways to make better use of the values all around us and reduce waste in various areas.

Our homes - houses and gardens - are small ecosystems where we set the rules!

The main partners are: Garðyrkjufélag Íslands, Landvernd, Listaháskóli Íslands, Matís, Sorpa, Umhverfisstofnun and Vakandi. The Nordic Focus is involved in planning and sponsoring the environmental festival.

Participation is free and everyone is welcome as long as accommodation allows. No registration required - just come! 🙂

More about the event can be found at Facebook

Events for children / families

  • Landvern Environmental School, Sunday
  • A visit to the greenhouse to Grandma Nature, plant and get good advice for the garden, Saturday and Sunday at 13-16
  • The Wonder Workshop, want to create a weird fish or an alien? You choose! in the workshop, work will be done with textile material that is produced during production in Iceland, Saturday at 14-16 (registration)
  • The spring works in Vatnsmýri, bird protection stands for celebration in the bird sanctuary in Vatnsmýri, a walk for good! Saturday at 13-17.

Other events

  • This is how we reduce food waste / Lectures: Selina Juul from Stop Food Waste and Klaus B. Pedersen from Too Good To Go. Both have received the Nordic Council's Environment Prize for their excellent results in the fight against food waste, Saturday at 16-17. Chat and taste after the lectures.
  • Sauerkraut for gourmets: Dagný Hermannsdóttir teaches guests about both ancient and modern methods of pickling vegetables. Guests get the opportunity to taste unique samples from Dagný's garden! Sunday.
  • Advanced course in composting: Garðyrkjufélag Íslands runs a course in composting and introduces simple methods that are suitable for both the kitchen and the garden. Sunday.
  • All-Icelandic flatbread: food talk and taste, Sveinn Kjartansson TV chef and Flatbökusamsteypan talk about pizza as the perfect flexible recipe AND how to use Icelandic ingredients in an original way, Sunday at 15-17.


  • Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story, award-winning documentary on food waste, Friday 6 April and Sunday 8 April at 18. //
  • The flatbread conglomerate, at the festival it will be possible to see a short documentary about the Flatbökusamsteypan's urgent food project.

Runs on Saturday and Sunday from 13-17

Educational and presentation booths

Food design: An exhibition organized by design students at the Iceland Academy of the Arts

The theme of the exhibition is food, food experience, food design, underutilized raw materials and innovation. An original, beautiful and thought-provoking show from aspiring product designers.

Sewing workshop: sew your own shopping bag

The Icelandic Women's Association opens a sewing workshop at the Nordic House. Do you have pieces of fabric, strong fabric or curtains at home that deserve new life? Take the materials with you and sew your own shopping bags - or let others enjoy them!

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