Kick-off meeting in the BioProtect project

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On the 22nd-23rd In May, the opening meeting of the European research and innovation project took place in Copenhagen BioProtect, which is led by Matís and the Norwegian Marine Research Institute. The project will last for the next 4 years, bringing together 18 companies and institutions from around Europe with the aim of developing solutions to deal with climate change and the human threat to marine biodiversity. The project has received 8 million euros of support from Horizon Europe Europe's framework program for research and innovation and is therefore among the largest projects that Icelandic parties have managed within the framework programs of Europe.

This initial meeting was attended by about 40 key representatives of the participants, together with representatives of the European Union and external advisors. There was a particularly positive atmosphere at the meeting, where everyone involved is excited about the upcoming projects, and among other things, used the meeting to plan the work that will take place in the coming semesters.

Sophie Jensen emphasized the importance of collaboration in BioProtecgt and that all participants meet the expected responsibilities so that the project delivers the desired results
Sophie Jensen from Matís and Julian Burgos from Hafró lead the project

In the main role at the meeting were Sophie Jensen from Matís, who manages the project (e. coordinator), and Julian Burgos from Hafró, who is the scientific leader of the project (e. scientific manager), but together they form an excellent management team for this interesting and necessary project.

Christophe Pamoulie, Hafró's research director, reviews the organization's role in BioProtect.
Sæmundur Sveinsson and Cecile Dargentolle from Matís ensured that there were no technical problems, as well as keeping detailed meeting minutes.
Jónas R. Viðarsson at Matís has the role in BioProtect to ensure that all formal requirements of Horizon Europe are met (e. Administrative manager) etc. regarding contracts, intellectual property, registration of work contributions and costs, etc.
A peaceful group of key participants in BioProtect who participated in the project's kick-off meeting