Do you want to compete in food crafts?

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Kunstens mat, Mathantverk / Rannikon ruoka, Artesaaniruoka - The Finnish Open Food Craft Championship takes place in Ekenäs 10.-13. October 2016

Finland holds the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers this year. In light of this, it is ideal to draw attention to the Finnish Food Craft Championship. Both Finnish and Nordic parties have the right to participate, and Icelanders are encouraged to participate.

Registration for participation takes place at the website URL

The competition is open to everyone and is an ideal place to meet other food craftsmen. In addition to the competition, interested parties are invited to attend specialized courses, visit interesting people in the immediate vicinity of the competition venue and take part in other events. All participants in the competition receive written reviews from the jury. The entry fee for the food craft competition is 30 € (approximately 3900 ISK) for each registered product. It is also possible to contact Jonas Harald by phone +358 (0) 50 548 3400 or Ann-Louise Erlund by phone +358 (0) 44 799 8406 to indicate your interest in participating in the competition or by sending an e-mail to the email address before the end of the day on 5 September.

Competition categories include dairy products, meat, fish, bread, berries and fruits, vegetable and mushroom product spices, innovation in food crafts, drinks, spices and food sauces, more information on Competition rules can be found here.  

Everyone is allowed to participate in courses and study trips, regardless of the participation in the food craft competition, the registration deadline for participation in those events is 30 September next and it is recommended that those interested register for such participation at the website

The Finnish Food Craft Championship is organized in a broad collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, the Novia School, as well as the Kunstens Mat project.