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Characterization of Antioxidant Potential of Seaweed Extracts for Enrichment of Convenience Food

Authors: Corsetto PA, Montorfano G, Zava S, Colombo I, Ingadottir B, Jonsdottir R, Sveinsdottir K, Rizzo AM

Version: Antioxidants

Publication year: 2021


In recent years, there has been a growing interest in natural antioxidants as replacements of synthetic compounds because of increased safety concerns and worldwide trend toward the use of natural additives in foods. One of the richest sources of natural antioxidants, nowadays largely studied for their potential to decrease the risk of diseases and to improve oxidative stability of food products, are edible brown seaweeds. Nevertheless, their antioxidant mechanisms are slightly evaluated and discussed. The aims of this study were to suggest possible mechanism (s) of Fucus vesiculosus antioxidant action and to assess its bioactivity during the production of enriched rye snacks. Chemical and cell-based assays indicate that the efficient preventive antioxidant action of Fucus vesiculosus extracts is likely due to not only the high polyphenol content, but also their good Fe2 + -chelating ability. Moreover, the data collected during the production of Fucus vesiculosus-enriched rye snacks show that this seaweed can increase, in appreciable measure, the antioxidant potential of enriched convenience cereals. This information can be used to design functional foods enriched in natural antioxidant ingredients in order to improve the health of targeted consumers.