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Chemical properties and sensory quality of ice cream fortified with fish protein

Authors: Gholam Reza Shaviklo, Gudjon Thorkelsson, Kolbrun Sveinsdottir, Fereidon Rafipour

Version: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Publication year: 2011


BACKGROUND: Fish protein powder is a functional ingredient that can be used for enhancing the nutritional value of food products. In this study the effect of fortification with different levels of fish protein powder (FP) on chemical properties and sensory quality of Persian ice cream with 0, 30 and 50 g kg−1 FP during storage at - 18 ° C for 4 months was investigated.

RESULTS: Ice creams fortified with 50 and 30 g kg−1 FP had significantly higher protein and solid-non-fat content than ice cream with 0% FP or 83, 69 and 51 g kg−1 protein and 215, 204 and 181 g kg−1 solid non-fat, respectively. All products had the same levels of fat, lactose, acidity and pH. They had similar sensory quality after production except for color, but sensory properties of fortified samples changed significantly after 2 months of storage. Color faded, cohesiveness decreased, sandiness / coarseness increased, sweetness decreased and fish flavor and off-odor increased. The control ice cream scored highest for additives odor and flavor.

CONCLUSION: Development of ice cream fortified with fish protein powder could be an effective way to enhance nutritional and functional value of ice cream. But studies on storage stability, consumers' acceptance and attitudes are recommended if companies are planning to do so.

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