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Decision support systems for the food industry. In: Handbook on decision making

Authors: Sigurjón Arason, Eyjólfur Ingi Ásgeirsson, Björn Margeirsson, Sveinn Margeirsson, Petter Olsen, Hlynur Stefánsson

Publication year: 2010


Applications of Decision Support Systems (DSSs) in the food industry, and in particular the seafood industry, are discussed. The amount of data recorded in the food industry has increased greatly in the last decade, parallel to descending cost of data recording through automation and computer systems. The data can be used to fulfill the demands of consumers that want information on their food products, such as origin, impact on the environment and more. By using traceability this flow of data can be used for decision support. Many fields within food processing can gain from using DSS. Such fields include for example lowering environmental impact of food processing, safety management, processing management and stock management. Research and development projects that the authors have taken part in and the following implementations of software solutions are discussed and some examples given of practical usage of DSS in the food industry as a result of such work.

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