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Development of Quality Index Method (QIM) scheme for fresh cod (Gadus morhua) fillets and application in shelf life study

Authors: Bonilla AC, Sveinsdottir K, Martinsdottir E.

Version: Food Control

Publication year: 2007


The aim was to develop and evaluate a Quality Index Method (QIM) scheme for fresh cod fillets. Cod fillets were stored at 0–1 ° C on ice up to 14 days. Total viable counts (TVC) and counts of H2S-producing bacteria were done. A QIM scheme for fresh cod fillets to evaluate freshness was proposed. A high correlation between the Quality Index (QI) and storage time on ice was found. The remaining storage time could be estimated with accuracy of ± 1.3 days when the cod fillets were evaluated with QIM. The maximum storage time was estimated 8 days based on Quantitative Descriptive Analysis and H2S-producing bacteria counts.

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