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Effect of pH on the formation of edible films made from the muscle proteins of Blue marlin (Makaira mazara)

Authors: Patricia Yuca Hamaguchi, W.Weng, M. Tanaka

Version: Food Chemistry

Publication year: 2007


Whole meat of Blue marlin (Makaira mazara) was used to prepare edible films. Protein solubility in film-forming solutions was high at acidic and alkaline pHs, while that at neutral pH was close to zero. Acidic and alkaline pHs improved the tensile strength while the effects of pH, on elongation at break, water vapor permeability and light transmission of the films, were not significant. From the film solubility in various protein denaturants it was revealed that the main interaction responsible for the formation of acidic and alkaline pH films was hydrophobic interaction, while that for neutral pH films was ionic bonding.

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