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Effects of added phosphates on lipid stability during salt curing and rehydration of cod (Gadus morhua)

Authors: Nguyen, MV, Arason, S., Thorkelsson, G., Gudmundsdottir, A., Thorarinsdottir, KA, Vu, BN

Version: Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society

Publication year: 2013


Effects of added phosphates on retardation of lipid oxidation of salted cod during processing, storage and after rehydration were investigated. Lipid hydrolysis progress and development of color, primary and secondary lipid oxidation products and fluorescence intensities were determined. Added phosphates significantly retarded lipid hydrolysis and lipid oxidation progress, resulting in lower free fatty acid, lipid hydroperoxides (PV), thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS) as well as fluorescence intensities (δF or and δF aq). Significant correlation between the lipid oxidation products (PV, TBARS, δF or and δF aq) and yellow / brownish discoloration (b * value) of salted cod was observed. Principal component analysis showed that TBARS, b * value and δF or were the strongest indicators of lipid oxidation during salting and storage.

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