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Fishmeal replacement by mixed plant proteins and effect on growth and sensory attributes in on-growing turbot

Authors: Árnason, J., Imsland, AKD, Helmig, T., Gunnarsson, S., Kristjánsson, G.Ö.

Version: Aquaculture Nutrition

Publication year: 2018


Fishmeal replacement with a mixture of plant protein (PP) raw materials (soy, wheat gluten meal, corn gluten meal and rapeseed meal) in diets for 300-950 g turbot was tested. Eight different diets with fishmeal protein stepwise varying from 53.7% of crude protein (CP) to 93% of CP of the total protein in the diet were tested. The fish was weighed at monthly intervals for following weight development and calculation of specific growth rates, daily feed intake and feed conversion ratio. At the end of the experiment, fish was sampled for sensory evaluation. Average final weight was 950 g and did not vary between the experimental groups. There were no effects of dietary treatment on specific growth rates, daily feed intake, feed conversion ratio or sensory attributes measured. The least-cost diet (with 53.7% fishmeal protein) is about 12% lower in raw material cost (based on material price of diet components) than the all fishmeal diet. The results therefore indicate that the raw material cost in feed for on-growing turbot can be reduced considerably without any negative effect on growth and feed utilization.

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