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Genome expression of Thermococcus barophilus and Thermococcus kodakarensis in response to different hydrostatic pressure conditions

Authors: Vannier P, Michoud G, Oger P et al.

Version: Research in microbiology

Publication year: 2015


Transcriptomes were analyzed for two related hyperthermophilic archaeal species, the piezophilic Thermococcus barophilus strain MP and piezosensitive Thermococcus kodakarensis strain KOD1 subjected to high hydrostatic pressures. A total of 378 genes were differentially expressed in T. barophilus cells grown at 0.1, 40 and 70 MPa, whereas 141 genes were differentially regulated in T. kodakarensis cells grown at 0.1 and 25 MPa. In T. barophilus cells grown under stress conditions (0.1 and 70 MPa), 178 upregulated genes were distributed among three clusters of orthologous groups (COG): energy production and conversion (C), inorganic ion transport and metabolism (P) and carbohydrate transport and metabolism (G), whereas 156 downregulated genes were distributed among: amino acid transport and metabolism (E), replication, recombination and repair (L) and nucleotide transport and metabolism (F). The expression of 141 genes was regulated in T. kodakarensis cells grown under stress conditions (25 MPa); 71 downregulated genes belong to three COG: energy production and conversion (C), amino acid transport and metabolism (E) and transcription (K), whereas 70 upregulated genes are associated with replication, recombination and repair (L), coenzyme transport (H) and defense mechanisms (V).

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