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How can discards in European fisheries be mitigated? Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of potential mitigation methods

Authors: Sigurdardottir, S., Stefansdottir, EK, Condie, H., Margeirsson, S., Catchpole, TL, Bellido, JM, ... Rochet, MJ.

Version: Marine Policy

Publication year: 2015


A number of solutions, with varying efficiency, have been proposed to mitigate discards. In this paper twelve mitigation measures were reviewed by their strengths and weaknesses, along with opportunities and threats, they might entail. How mitigation methods could either support or counteract others was also reviewed. The analyzes of the mitigation measures are based on expert knowledge and experience and supported with existing literature. Discarding is highly variable and is influenced by numerous biological, technical and operational factors as well as social and economic drivers. These influences need to be carefully considered when designing management approaches. Finally, all reforms must be carefully considered within the context of a broader management system. The full management system needs to be thought of coherently to create an incentive framework that motivates fishers to avoid unwanted catches. It is only in this setting that discard mitigation methods may be potentially effective.

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