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Hydride generation ICP-MS as a simple method for determination of inorganic arsenic in rice for routine biomonitoring

Authors: Petursdottir AH, Friedrich, N., Musil, S., Raab, A., Gunnlaugsdottir, H., Krupp, EM, Feldmann, J.

Version: Analytical Methods

Publication year: 2014


The inorganic arsenic (iAs) concentration was measured in 44 rice product samples, covering a wide range, using both hydride generation (HG) ICP-MS and HPLC-ICP-MS. Linear regression showed good linearity (R2 of 0.99) with a slope close to 1 (0.969 ± 0.015) and similar sensitivity showing that HPLC can be robustly replaced by a simple HG system, shortening the measurement time and resulting in easier data treatment as no manual integration of peaks is necessary. With upcoming regulations on the iAs concentration in rice in the EU, it is important that regulators do not prescribe only one standard method since it excludes new instrumental developments.

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