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Microbial speciation in the geothermal ecosystem. In: Adaption of microbial life to environmental extremes: Novel Research Results and Application

Authors: Gudmundur O. Hreggvidsson, Solveig Petursdottir, Snaedis Björnsdottir, Olafur H. Fridjonsson

Publication year: 2011


Once considered exceptional rarities, extremophiles have become attractive objects for basic and applied research ranging from nanotechnology to biodiversity to the origins of life and even to the search for extraterrestrial life. Several novel aspects of extremophiles are covered in this book; the focus is firstly on unusual and less explored ecosystems such as marine hypersaline deeps, extreme cold, desert sands, and man-made clean rooms for spacecraft assembly. Secondly, the increasingly complex field of applications from extremophile research is treated and examples such as novel psychrophilic enzymes, compounds from halophiles, and detection strategies for potential extraterrestrial life forms are presented.

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