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Practical feeds for juvenile Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) prepared by replacing Rastrineobola argentea fishmeal with freshwater shrimp (Caridina nilotica) and mung bean (Vigna radiata) meals

Authors: Kubiriza, GK, Akol, AM, Árnason, J., Sigurgeirsson, Ó., Snorrason, S., Tómasson, T., Thorarensen, H.

Version: Aquaculture Nutrition

Publication year: 2018


This study examined the potential of using the freshwater shrimp, Caridina nilotica (CNM), and mung beans, Vigna radiata (VRM), to replace Rastrineobola argentea fishmeal (RAF) as the primary protein source in fish feeds in East Africa. Six diets with varying proportions of RAF, CNM, VRM and full fat soybean meal were tested on Nile tilapia (initial body mass ± SD: 3.30 ± 0.27 g). The growth performance was best in groups fed diets containing either R. argentea or C. nilotica or a combination of the two. Growth was poorest in the fish fed a combination of C. nilotica and V. radiata, and intermediate in the groups fed the commercial formulation and a diet containing a combination of R. argentea and V. radiata. The cost of feed per kg of fish produced decreased with increasing inclusion of C. nilotica. The price of feed per kg of fish produced was comparatively high in feeds containing V. radiata due to poor feed conversion ratio. Of all the diets tested, the price of feed per kg of fish produced was highest in the commercial formulation. Caridina nilotica is a good candidate to substitute R. argentea fishmeal in practical diets for Nile tilapia.

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