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Quality and storage stability of extruded puffed corn-fish snacks during 6-month storage at ambient temperature

Authors: Gholam Reza Shaviklo, Gudjon Thorkelsson, Fereidon Rafipour, Sjofn Sigurgisladottir

Version: Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Publication year: 2011


BACKGROUND: Cereal-based snacks are usually low in protein and other nutrients. Increased health awareness of consumers has led the food industry to develop fortified snacks with functional ingredients. Three types of extruded corn-fish snacks, containing 150 g kg−1 carp mince and 150 g kg−1 trout mince, 30 g kg−1 freeze-dried saithe protein and a regular corn snack (control). were produced to study quality changes and storage stability of the products during 6-month storage at 27 ± 2 ° C.

RESULTS: All products had the same level of water activity and proximate composition except for protein. Fortified snacks had a protein content of 93–98 g kg−1, compared with 65 g kg−1 in the control. A significant increase was observed for peroxide value during storage (0.0 to 2.8 meq kg−1). Scores for attributes describing oxidation and off odors and flavors increased after 5–6 months' storage but attributes describing puffed corn snack odor and flavor did not change during storage of any of the products.

CONCLUSION: Extrusion of corn grits with fish flesh / fish protein can be used to produce high-protein products that would be an option to provide nutrient snacks for consumers and to increase fish consumption.

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