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Studies on processing, consumer survey and storage stability of a ready-to-reconstitute fish cutlet mix

Authors: Shaviklo, GR, Thorkelsson, G., Sveinsdottir, K., Pourreza, F.

Version: Journal of Food Science and Technology-Mysore

Publication year: 2013


A convenience ready-to-reconstitute cutlet mix containing 30% fish protein powder was developed to improve the nutritional quality of the product. Consumer survey was based on the home use test (HUT) method. The acceptance of the fish cutlet mix (FCM) was studied using a 9-point hedonic scale ranging from 1 (extremely dislike) to 9 (extremely like). Product's characteristics and stability were studied during 6 months of storage at 27 ± 2 ° C. The FCM packed in a polyethylene bag and cardboard box was stable during the storage period. There were no changes in color, moisture gain and water activity, and TBARS values remained low. The FCM was accepted by the consumers in the study (n = 85). The average liking was high (7.5 ± 1.3) and it was influenced by frequency of fish and chicken consumption, educational level and household size. People who ate fish once a week liked the product more than other consumers. Also those with higher educational level and bigger household size. The results in this paper are important information for companies planning to develop ready-to-eat products fortified with fish proteins. The products could be means of increasing fish consumption in countries / areas where there is no tradition of consuming fresh or frozen fish.

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