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Temperature fluctuations and quality deterioration of chilled cod (Gadus morhua) fillets packaged in different boxes stored on pallets under dynamic temperature conditions

Authors: Margeirsson, B., Lauzon, HL, Pálsson, H., Popov, V., Gospavic, R., Jónsson, M.Þ., Sigurgísladóttir, S., Arason, S.

Version: International Journal of Refrigeration

Publication year: 2012


A study was carried out to evaluate temperature variation and quality deterioration of packaged cod fillets as influenced by the box type used and their position on pallets under dynamic temperature storage. Storage life of thermally abused fillets was compared to that of fillets stored at steady temperature. Thermal performance of fish boxes, made of corrugated plastic on one hand and expanded polystyrene on the other hand, was also compared. Fillet temperature at multiple positions on the pallets along with environmental temperature and humidity were monitored during storage. Differences in product temperature of up to 10.5 ° C were recorded on the thermally abused pallets stored for 6.4 h at mean ambient temperature of 18.5 ° C. A reduction in storage life of 1.5–3 days was observed depending on the box position on the abused pallets compared to steady temperature storage.

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