The vegetable book - Web edition - From harvest to consumer

Project title: The vegetable book

Partners: The section of horticultural farmers in the Farmers' Association of Iceland, the Gardeners' Sales Association

Research Fund: Horticultural Development Fund

Initial year: 2023

Service Category:

Vegetables & Grains


Ólafur Reykdal

Project Manager

The basic idea behind the vegetable book is to make information from Matís' vegetable projects available in one place. It will be easy to find what you are looking for and you will be able to download more detailed information by clicking on links in the web book. It will also be possible to click on links to access the reports themselves. Information from sources other than Matís will be used. The subjects are limited to the value chain from the harvest of the vegetables all the way to the consumer's table. The cultivation itself is excluded. The online book will be open to everyone on Matís' website.

The main topics in the webbook will be (1) handling of vegetables during and after harvest, (2) measures to maximize the quality of vegetables during transport and during storage, (3) correct storage conditions in warehouses and stores, (4) the healthiness of Icelandic vegetables and (5) how to reduce the waste of vegetables.

The goals of the project are to increase knowledge about the best treatment of vegetables and thus increase the quality of vegetables on the market and promote less waste. It is also hoped that consumer interest in Icelandic vegetables and their healthiness will increase. The focus is on seeking feedback from as many prospective users as possible, together with business partners, to get feedback on the content of the web book.