Lice infestation - Breeding for increased lice eating of roe deer

Project title: Eggnog – Organic Lice Eat LICE INFER - CYCLOSELECT

Partners: Akvaplan NIVA, Arnarlax, Artic Fish Salmon Aquaculture, Ice Fish Farm, Hólaskóli, University of Akureyri

Research Fund: AVS, Umhverfissjóður Sjókvíaeldis, TÞS

Initial year: 2017

Service Category:



Sæmundur Sveinsson

Research Group Leader

One of the biggest problems in seaweed farming in this country is salmon lice. Roe deer are used to eat fish oil from farmed salmon in pens. The aim of the project is to breed the species for increased lice eating. The project is based on traditional methods of breeding as well as the use of genetic markers.