sBACseqFOOD: Single cell RNA sequencing of bacteria for improving food safety and reducing spoilage

Project title: sBACseqFOOD

Partners: Amplexa Genetics (DK) and University of Copenhagen (DK)

Research Fund: Eurostars / Rannís

Initial year: 2024

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Karla Fabiola Corral-Jara

Project Manager

The project will advance the analysis of bacterial growth patterns in an industrial context, ultimately reducing contamination and spoilage.

By reforming the technical approach in studding bacterial cultures, the project will enable important insights into bacterial growth at Sigle cell resolutions. This will allow access to previously inaccessible knowledge on the growth patterns of pathogenic bacteria in food production chains with potential expansion to other fields. Based on this, the project will design a highly sensitive biomarker kit that the food industry can use to detect and prevent bacterial contamination. The innovative approach of the project will significantly impact public health by reducing contamination.