Matís Staff

Björn Þór Aðalsteinsson

Project Manager

Field: Biotechnology

Phone: +354 4225066 /


Focus Areas:

Microbiology, Genetics, Biomaterials




Schultze-Jena, RC Vroon, AKA Macleod, Hreggvidsson, G.Ó., Adalsteinsson, BT, NPE Engelen-Smit, T. de Vrije, MAW Budde, H. van der Wal, AM López-Contreras, MA Boon. 2022. Production of acetone, butanol, and ethanol by fermentation of Saccharina latissima: Cultivation, enzymatic hydrolysis, inhibitor removal, and fermentation. Algal Research, Volume 62.


Correra RM, Ollitrault D., Valente M., Mazzola A., Adalsteinsson BT, et al (2018) The parentally imprinted gene Pw1 / Peg3 regulates skeletal muscle growth, satellite cell metabolic state, and self-renewal. Scientific Reports, 8:14649.


Ito M., Sferruzzi-Perri AN, Edwards CA, Adalsteinsson BT, et al (2015) A trans-homologue interaction between reciprocally imprinted miR-127 and Rtl1 regulates placental development. Development 142:2425-30.


Adalsteinsson BT and Ferguson-Smith AC (2014) Epigenetic control of the genome - Lessons from genomic imprinting. Genes 5:635-55.


Adalsteinsson BT, et al (2012) Heterogeneity in white blood cells has the potential to confound DNA methylation measurements. PLoS ONE 7: e46705.

Book chapters:

Adalsteinsson BT, Hreggvidsson GO Geothermal Habitats and Adaptations of Thermophilic Microbes. In book: Thermophilic Anaerobes (pp.3-19). 2023.

Karlsson EN, Sardari RRR, Ron EYC, Bjornsdottir SH, Adalsteinsson BT, et al (2020) Metabolic engineering of thermophilic bacteria for production of biotechnologically interesting compounds. In Lee NM (Eds.). (2020). Biotechnological Applications of Extremophilic Microorganisms (pp. 73-96). Berlin, Boston: The Gruyter.