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Better use of side ingredients "this is not just some junk we have to deal with"

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Hildur Inga Sveinsdóttir, project manager at Matís is an interviewee in this episode of Matvælin, Matís' podcast about research and innovation in food production.

It talks about the value hidden in raw materials that we can get out of food processing, but which are not the main material we are working with; so-called side ingredients. She connects all of this with the European collaborative project Accelwater, which she is currently working on.

Iceland has long been at the forefront of the utilization of secondary raw materials, and one of the raw materials that is interesting to evaluate both with an opportunity for value creation and environmental issues in mind is water from, for example, fish processing plants and farm farms. The Accelwater project is about finding solutions to make use of the value of process water and the best use of water in the fishing and farming industries.

Hilda's passion for delivering the content of the Accelwater project clearly and reliably shines through in this interview, and listeners can therefore expect an informative and refreshing listen.

The show is available on all major podcasts and also in the player below.