The special position of food from Icelandic agriculture - Nutrients and contaminants




Ólafur Reykdal

Supported by:

Icelandic Agricultural Productivity Fund


Ólafur Reykdal

Project Manager

Unique position of foods from Icelandic agriculture - Nutrients and food contaminants

The project summarized data on the chemical content of food from Icelandic agriculture, highlighting the uniqueness and importance of domestic production. Chemical content refers to nutrients, contaminants and antioxidants. The aim of the project was to make knowledge of the uniqueness of food from Icelandic agriculture accessible in terms of chemical content. The benefit is that it will be possible to strengthen the image of domestic agriculture based on the uniqueness of food production. Marketing and promotional activities will take advantage of the results. Domestic production is strengthening in the consumer market.

Data on chemical composition of Icelandic foods from agriculture were collected to evaluate the special position and importance of the domestic production. Nutrients, antioxidants and contaminants in foods were covered. The purpose was to make knowledge on the special position of domestic agricultural foods available. It was expected that the image of Icelandic agriculture would be improved based on the special position of domestic foods. The information is useful as a marketing tool and will be regarded as positive by consumers.

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