Cooling food

Good and stable cooling is crucial for the quality, shelf life and value of fish products.

Kæligátt is an information provider with practical guidance and discussion on cooling and handling of fish at all stages of the value chain from target to market. The guidance is based on research that has been carried out within cooling projects such as Chill-on (funded by the European Research Program), Refrigeration Improvement and Cooling Process Simulation (funded by ACP, Technology Development Fund and University of Iceland Research Fund) as well as regulations from the Food Administration. Review article on research on the effects of on-board handling, processing, storage and transport fish quality can be seen here.

Care must be taken with procedures and handling of raw materials and fish, and problems arise in the handling, processing and transport of fish products to ensure better quality and more valuable products.

The condition of the raw material is of crucial importance for the quality and utilization of fish. Factors that affect the quality of raw materials are fishing time, fishing area, fishing gear, the fish's eating and nutritional status, age of the raw material, death stiffness and handling before and during processing. Cooling from the time the fish is pulled from the sea and at all stages of the value chain is a key factor in maintaining maximum quality for as long as possible.


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