The Food Cluster "Region of Vatnajökull"




Guðmundur H. Gunnarsson

Supported by:

Klasar (Icelandic Innovation Center)

The Food Cluster "Region of Vatnajökull"

The project supported the development of the Food Cluster in the State of Vatnajökull. The main goals were to build efficient grassroots activities within the cluster, work on the development of a common image, work on promotional material for Food in the State of Vatnajökull and last but not least work on defined product development projects to strengthen the selection of local gourmet food in the area. The project was successful in all respects. Participants in the food cluster work closely together in the continuation of the project. A common and clear image of products from the State of Vatnajökull has been built up. Among other things, a cookbook and experience book was published where we discuss products, producers and their environment in the State of Vatnajökull. The book has now sold about 2000 copies. The project led the group to start running a joint home market store in Pakkhúsið in Höfn in the summer of 2009, which turned into a weekly market during the winter of 2009-2010. A number of products are now ready for sale following the product development process.

In the project the focus was on strengthening the infrastructure of the Food Cluster “Region of Vatnajökull”. The main aims were to ensure efficient collaboration between different food industry entrepreneurs and designing a strong joint image for the cluster. Other aim was to publish fully designed promotional material for the initiative and to carry out product development to further strengthen local food products catalog. We succeeded in fulfilling all the major aims of the project. The cluster is now very capable of strong collaboration. A strong joint image for the cluster has been designed and applied for promotional purposes. The cluster published recipe and experience local food ‐ book covering the local products, producers and culture. The cluster operated a local food store in the town of Höfn during the summer of 2009. The store was changed into a weekly local food market in the winter 2009‐2010. Various new products were also developed to increase the local food diversity of the region.

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