Dry curing of whale meat




Ásbjörn Jónsson, Óli Þór Hilmarsson

Supported by:

AVS Fisheries Research Fund


Óli Þór Hilmarsson

Project Manager

Dry curing of whale meat

The aim of the project was to increase business development and innovation in the local area, within the town of Akranes, by assisting in the development of products from dried minke whale meat, with well-defined physical and taste characteristics. Two prototypes of the product were developed; Prototype 1 is based on dry-processed minke whale strips and Prototype 2 is based on minced minced meat that is shaped into pieces or strips and dried. This report reviews the product development history of these prototypes.

The aim of this project was to increase employment development and innovation in Akranes, by developing a prototype of dry cured whale meat, with defined physical properties and flavor. Two prototypes were developed, prototype 1 based on dry cured muscle slips from whale meat, and prototype 2 based on formed minced dry cured whale muscle. In this report an overview of the product development is described.

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