Comparison of microstructure between farmed and wild cod




Valur Norðri Gunnlaugsson, Guðrún Anna Finnbogadóttir

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AVS R26-06 / AVS R&D Fund of Ministry of Fisheries in Iceland


Valur Norðri Gunnlaugsson

Research Group Leader

Comparison of microstructure between farmed and wild cod

The aim of this project was to build up knowledge through image analysis to facilitate the processing and product development of farmed cod. In the project "Future cod", imaging revealed remarkable results where a large difference was found in the structure of the flesh in wild cod and farmed cod. The purpose of this project was to examine this difference in more detail and try to find reasons for it. The results of the project confirmed this large difference in intercellular space, as had been seen before, but it was only seen in samples taken from live fish. There was little difference in pre-rigor samples taken, whether farmed or wild. After post-rigor, only wild fish were sampled, as the processing properties of farmed cod were weak after freezing. It was found that the extracellular space increased again in wild fish during death. Numerous other measurements were made on these samples in step 4 of this project and a close connection could be seen with the results for the proportion of intercellular cells in these samples. The mobility of water molecules was lower in wild cod muscles, which was consistent with the greater intercellular space than in farmed fish. On the other hand, the water content of the wild cod was higher. The results indicated that the structure and properties of the muscle were quite different in these groups. The research was part of the project "Processing and quality control of farmed cod, more specifically a summary for work component 3.

In previous project there was much difference in gap between cells samples from wild and farmed cod. In this project phase the aim was to confirm this difference and try to identify the reason for it. The results showed a difference in microstructure between wild cod and farmed one, when samples were taken from live fish. This difference was not a distinct, when samples from pre-rigor and post rigor fish where analyzed. In project phase 4 these samples where used for number of measurement. The results from the microstructure analysis were in harmony with results from measurement of water content and water mobility.

Report closed until December 2011 / Report closed until December 2011

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