Peeling and marketing of surimi and surimi products from bone marrow




Margrét Geirsdóttir

Supported by:

AVS Fisheries Research Fund, V 026‐12


Margrét Geirsdóttir

Project Manager

Peeling and marketing of surimi and surimi products from bone marrow

In recent years, MPF Ísland and Matís have developed a process in the factory of isolated proteins from bone marrow. In this project, an upscaling of the production of surimi and the production of a surimi product, Fiskitófa, was completed. The quality and shelf life of products were examined. A market research on the surimi market was also carried out and marketing of fish tofu began. A market study revealed that there have been large fluctuations in the prices of surimi and surimi products on the world market in recent years. The product produced in this project, Fiskitófa, fits in very well with the growing part of the market for new and innovative products. Shelf life research showed that the shelf life for prepared Fiskitófa is over 4 weeks in the refrigerator and for surimi at least 6 months in the freezer. Following the presentation of the fish tofu, restaurants have requested a sample for further inspection, which is currently underway.

MPF Iceland and Matis finished scale up for the production of surimi and surimi seafood - FishTofu. Quality parameters and shelf life of products were evaluated, market analysis performed and marketing of products was started. Marketing analysis showed that for the past few years there have been drastic price swings in the surimi and surimi seafood products. There is an increasing opportunity for high quality surimi seafood with health promoting properties and novel products like FishTofu. Shelf life analysis showed that the fish tofu has at least 4 weeks shelf life at cold temperatures and surimi at at least 6 months shelf life in a freezer. Marketing of fish tofu started well and several restaurants have asked for samples for trying.

Report closed until 01.02.2016

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