Development of goat products - Food




Ólafur Reykdal, Óli Þór Hilmarsson

Supported by:

Agricultural Productivity Fund


Ólafur Reykdal

Project Manager

Development of goat products - Food

In the project, goat farmers were assisted in the development of new foods from goat raw materials. The product development campaign was introduced among goat farmers in collaboration with the Icelandic Goat Breeding Association. Goat farmers could apply for participation but Matís employees chose 5 farmers to continue. Matís employees provided assistance with licensing issues, the preparation of quality manuals and the entire product development process. The safety of the products was checked by microbiological analysis and nutrients were measured so that information on nutritional value could be presented. 17 foods were developed in the project, most from goat meat, but also products from liver and hearts as well as goat milk skyr. The project is expected to lead to an increase in food from goat raw materials on the market and this will gradually lead to an increase in the goat population. 

In addition to product development, measurements were made of types of caseins (cheeses) in goat's milk. The casein alpha-s1 was detected to a significant extent and it can be concluded that Icelandic goat's milk is well suited for cheese making. Measurements were also made of minerals in goat's milk and trace minerals in goat meat. The results for these nutrients are useful in promoting the health of the products.

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