Matís Annual Report 2013

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Matís' annual report for the operating year 2013 has now been published. Food and food security is the main theme of the report this time. The publication can be accessed in electronic form below in the news, but the printed version will be available next week.


  • Food safety deals with how safe foods are for consumption and whether they cause harm to the health of consumers
  • Food security deals with access to food and the supply of healthy and safe food

Consumers need to be able to rely on food safety. Matís' two key areas are dedicated to research and services in the field of food safety. These include accredited micro-organisms and chemical measurements, which are an ever-increasing demand in food control and trade. It also conducts research in the fields of microbiology, chemistry and genetics, as well as monitoring and security services.

Food security of the future, i.e. good public access to safe and wholesome food will only be ensured through innovation and improved use of resources. In recent years, there has been a great and positive development in food production in Iceland, and Matís has been at the forefront, with research and innovation support for the business community.