Multi-faceted fisheries management system based on the Icelandic model

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Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir

Deputy CEO / Director of Research & Innovation

An article was recently published with the results of a case study of the European project Mareframe are introduced, but the project worked on the development of a multi-stock fisheries management system and ways were found to facilitate its implementation in Europe. 

Emphasis was placed on ecological, sustainable, social and economic management. It also collaborates with fishermen, fishing companies and processing as well as other stakeholders involved in fisheries management.

In the study, Icelandic cod fishing was especially examined and what has been successful in Icelandic fisheries management. A special multi-agency model, "Gadget", was used, which was developed by Icelandic participants in the project and is used widely abroad. At the same time, more co-operation was sought with those involved in fishing and processing in the fisheries sector, as well as other stakeholders in the development of fisheries management systems, which is a key factor in the implementation of the fisheries management system.

The article can be accessed here.