Prevention in aquaculture: New report on IFL

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The report was recently released Prevention in aquaculture, which is a progress report on a project of the same name that began in 2004 and ends in 2007. The project investigates, among other things, how methods can be developed to analyze and improve environmental aspects of halibut and cod farming in the early stages of farming, ie. from hatching to larval stages, during which time the losses in the fire are greatest.

The project, like the report, is divided into two separate parts: Part A, is called Prevention in cod farming and it is Hélène Lauzon, a food scientist at IFL, who is the project manager for that part. Part B is called, on the other hand, the classification of microorganisms: Probiotic experiments and the project manager of that part is Rannveig Björnsdóttir, head of the Department of Fisheries at IFL and lecturer at the University of Akureyri.

The project is funded by AVS and IFL, but it involves scientists from various other institutions, in addition to IFL, such as the University of Iceland Laboratory of Pathology, the Marine Research Institute's Experimental Center at Stað, Grindavík, the fish farming company Fiskey ehf, the Icelandic Institute of Natural History (Akureyri). and Hólar School.

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