Ministry of Fisheries: The capelin quota increased to 210 thousand tonnes

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The website reports that the Ministry of Fisheries has, at the suggestion of the Marine Research Institute, decided to increase the capelin quota for the winter season 2006 to 210 thousand tonnes, or about 110 thousand tonnes. Of this, 103 thousand trains go to Icelandic ships. IFL's branch manager in Neskaupstaður is pleased with the quality of capelin.

Capelin fishermen, shipowners, etc. will no doubt be happy with this news, as many people were probably upset that the season would start this time.

On the website today there is also a short interview with Þorstein Yngvarsson, branch manager of IFL in Neskaupstaður, but he is happy with the capelin that the capelin ship Beitir NK brought for landing, says it is big and fat. It should be noted that most of the country's fishmeal factories are located in the operating area of IFL's branch in East Iceland, and therefore the seasonal mood at IFL in Neskaupstaður when the capelin season starts in full force. 

IFL in Neskaupstaður has three employees.