IFL employee on his way to Australia

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Katrín Ásta Stefánsdóttir, an employee of the Processing and Development Department of IFL's Research Division, intends to pursue a master's degree in food science. This would not be newsworthy unless Katrín does not go the shortest way to her goal, but the Earth ends.

Catherine started working at IFL in 2004, after graduating with a BS in Food Science from the University of Iceland. In fact, it can be said that she had one foot on IFL some time before because she worked on part of a large project in food engineering II at IFL under the guidance of IFL experts.

Katrín has previously gone astray in her career choices, for example in 2003 she was hired to work as a researcher in food chemistry at the Vysoká Škola Chemicko-Technologická (VSCHT, Institute of Chemical Technology), Prague, which she says was very informative and fun experience.

Katrín's interest in pursuing postgraduate studies in food science in Australia can be traced to the fact that in 2005 she went on a world trip, including a visit to Australia, and reportedly liked the country and the nation. Does not spoil so that  Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where Katrín intends to study, offers exciting studies in her field of interest, processing and innovation of food from seafood. 

Today is Katrín's last day at IFL (at least for now) and she is wished good luck in play and work in foreign lands.